As the saying goes, "history is really His-story being played out in our lives".  That is what we believe here at Life Point Church; that God is using our lives to write a chapter of His-story and every person that is a part of Life Point plays a vital role in how this story is written!


In 2002 God began dealing with Brad and Connie Bess concerning planting a church, little did they know it would become a reality nearly nine years later and 1,600 miles from where they first heard God speak.


As they served God in New Mexico, where He had placed them, the dream to "plant" a new church faded to the back of their minds until just the right time when God would again remind them of the call and release them to begin.


It began in the fall of 2008 with the meeting of a new friend from Tennessee who challenged the Bess' to consider "planting" a church there.  After praying for God's direction for more than a year Brad and Connie were convinced that this was indeed what God had planned for them.  They packed up their belongings and set out for the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee.


Not long after being in Tennessee God began building a team.  Other friends began to sense that God was up to something big and so they too were willing to steo out in faith, move to Tennessee and believe God for great things!


Our journey has just begun.  The story of Life Point Church not yet written.  However we know that God has an epic tale that He will write through us if we will let him.  We will let Him; will you?  Come...join us and become a part of His-story at Life Point Church!